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Tuesday Tales


As a CASA volunteer you can help recruit both CASA volunteers and foster homes. Be sure to ask at the office for a copy of our big recruitment card as well as a copy of the Foster Home Recruitment brochure. Encourage your friends to keep this material in the kitchen drawer and to tell their friends that "kids in care" needs CASA volunteers and local foster homes. It's important. You get it! Let people know.

Great New Class Of CASA Trainees!

Wow…a great bunch showed for CASA training. 11 good folks. Boy did we have a good time sitting around listening to Chris rant and rave about the child welfare system and all the things that go wrong. It was worse than enlightening.

Hats to Keep the Kids Heads Warm This Winter

Ask Myrna what she hopes will come of her donation of hats to CASA of Carson City, and she’ll tell you she only, “hopes it warms the person who gets them.” She sympathizes with those who struggle for necessities, especially in the cold winter months. She sticks to the rule that they must be, “given free of charge,” and with the help of her husband to pick out colors, the task of creating these hats serves as something to do with her hands while she watches the evening news. Myrna displays that tasks she describes as a "no brainier" can be put to good use.


Lori McDonald Donates Horses

Some children ask Santa for Barbies or Lego’s, but what about the ones who ask for horses? Lori McDonald felt the need to make sure every foster child’s wishes come true this holiday season. She is a former foster mom who now enjoys humanitarian projects with her daughters. After a cowgirl party for her younger daughter and noticing the need for toys in the Foster Kids Closet, they decided to donate these creative gifts. Lori, CASA of Carson City would like to thank you for all of your contributions!

Lori McDonald Donates Horses

Temple Bat Yam donates Clothes for Kids

“Jews have believed for thousands of years it’s our job to heal the world” said Brenda, social justice chairperson at Temple Bat Yam in South Lake Tahoe. Brenda and her husband (left side of the photo) stopped by the CASA of Carson City office today to drop off donations collected during their clothing drive associated with Temple Bat Yam. She explained to us that they also teach children about the importance of action (fulfilling immediate needs) and justice (changing systems for good).

Temple Bat Yam donates Clothes for Kids
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